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Traditional Meals to Try in Spain

Spanish Traditional Dishes

If you are a backpacker or a traveller, be sure to sample some of the traditional Spain dishes and Spain vacations. Who knows? Maybe this trip is just what you were looking for. You could even become an expert in traditional dishes. Here’s what you should try.

While you travel abroad to Spain, make sure you check out the food lovers’ popular traditional dishes of the country. First time visitors to Spain might find it hard to understand what’s included in the spanish cuisine.

So, here’s a spanish food guide to help you get a better idea. But first, learn whether you really need a Spain visa or not before packing your bags.

The traditional Spanish meals of the country consist of dishes that are rich in olive oil and include red meat, poultry (particularly chicken and turkey), and fish. These dishes are best served with a bit of red wine, of course.

Vegetarians can eat plenty of vegetables and salads while adhering to a healthy diet as well. Spanish dishes have a lot of spice, which is one reason why they are tasty. If you’ve never tried arroz, you are definitely missing out.

Tapas, which is Spanish for belly dancing, is probably the best food to prepare while traveling to Spain. Many modern tapas bars have entire themes based on dancing. And some of these tapas bars have performances by renowned dance artists.

The best food for tapas comes from the region of Andalusia in Spain. You can’t beat the authentic garcajete or the authentic jaleo at Andalusian restaurants.

Garlic is also one of the most popular tapas dishes in Spain. It is typically made fresh in the region of Castilla de Leiva. It is coated with olive oil and made into a thin slice that is then fried.

Of course, wine is also a key ingredient in Spanish cuisine. While wine and food go together in a delicious way, the combination is not common in spanish cuisine. A typical Spanish dish will usually contain a blend of red and white wines. In addition, a Spain vacation would not be complete without some tapas. Tapas refers to small portions of food served with a small bottle of white or red wine.

Spanish tapas can include small pieces of fish, seafood, and/or shrimp. Also, peas and beans are commonly served along with the tapas. Lastly, Spaniards usually consume dishes like enchiladas with a mild sauce of olive oil and garlic.

One of the most traditional Spanish cuisines, pork is often cooked with chorizo, making it a popular lunch dish. Typically, pork will be served alongside mild red or white wine. Polenta is another common dish served with tapas, as it is similar to polenta that is typically served in Mexico.

Spanish Potato Recipe

As mentioned above, potatoes are an important ingredient in Spain. And while this may seem strange to some people, potatoes are actually one of the best food ingredients to have in their diet.

Both white and black potatoes are best, but if you don’t like them too much you could use the ones with less starch. Polenta is also a popular dish found in spain, and while it is typically made with black beans, you will find milder polenta that contains olive oil.

Spanish cuisine is famous for its extensive use of seafood. While you won’t find crab or salmon in their recipes, you will find many varieties of shrimp, such as shrimp pasta, shrimp gumbo, and even grilled shrimp.

Polenta is also very popular in spain, and while it is typically made with rice it is possible to substitute white rice with the much sturdier polenta. Spain also has dishes like tapas, a type of platter that can be filled with either a variety of vegetables or just meat. Tapas is typically served on a small platter, but if you want to eat it on top of some food it is fine.

Spanish cuisine is famous for being prepared with meat. Whether it is duck, pork, or beef, you will be able to find some variation of your favorite meat. In addition to these staples of the traditional fare, spain offers you platters of fresh vegetables, seafood, and even desserts.

Desserts are quite popular, and there are several different types of cake to choose from. Chocolate is quite popular in spain, and you can even purchase some that is imported!

The final thing you should know about these traditional Spanish foods is that you can find a variety of fruits and vegetables in Spain. You will find the popular red and green callos, as well as a variety of fruits like the espadrilles.

The final dish you will want to know about for your trip to Spain is the fabada asturiana refers to the soup called fabada which is considered to be Spain’s national dish!

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