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Best Mountains to Climb in Asia

Tianmen mountain national park, Hunan province, China

If you have never experienced the beauty of Asian Mountains then you must plan a trip to Asia. Mountains are known to be the best way to see the unending beauty of nature. You can climb any of the mountains in Asia.

The Himalayan Mountains, the Karakoram Range, the Karate Valley, and the Yellow River valley are some of the most popular trekking destinations in Asia. All these places are home to the best trekking routes and are easily accessible for the experienced climbers.

One of the best ways to get to know the best mountains in Asia is through mountaineering or camping. You can choose to climb mountains in Asia by choosing from the best routes. The best routes will always take you to the highest peak of the mountain. In most of the cases you will need to carry all the necessary equipments including your carry bag and shoes.

Most of the routes for mountain climbing in Asia are completely based on the route taken by the ancient Romans. It was these explorers that first brought the practice of mountaineering to Asia. The first high mountain in Asia that was used by the mountaineers in this region was the Great Himalayas. The Chinese and Indian mountaineers also reached the Himalayan peaks of the country.

Now the Himalayas are no more a part of Asia. However, many trekking companies are willing to lead trekkers to the foothills of the Himalayas. The high peaks of the region provide perfect climbing grounds for the experienced climbers.

There are many places in the region where you can easily find the right place for you. Some of the popular places to climb include; Manaslu, Dolpo, Kinnaur, Zagros, Oli, Dolpo, and Kanchenjunga.

Most of the trekkers prefer trekking in spring when the weather is very pleasant. It is also the high season when the climbers can get a number of discount on the trip. A number of high lodges and camps are also available here. Usually, the price is not too high and most of the trekkers can manage to pay in full.

If you are a more determined type, you can also try to tackle the Himalayas on your own. However, there is always a risk involved with trekking the high mountains. Most people who try trekking the country will also use the services of a guide or a local who has had previous experience trekking the country. It is very important for the trekkers to be well equipped so that they can carry their own provisions and equipments.

Aside from skiing, trekking can also be a fun-filled activity for people who are very adventurous. A number of high peaks that can be tackled by trekkers include Auli trekking route which leads to the Pamir Mountains and the Silk Route which starts from the north of the country and leads to the Karakoram Range.

These mountains are world famous for their extreme landscape. There are also many picturesque locations that can be visited by trekkers in this country. It is also possible to explore the history of the country as many of the sites have some interesting ancient monuments that have been left untouched by the tourists.

Trekking in the country is best done during the rainy season because in the rainy season the trekking routes become relatively easy. This can make the country even more popular and better known. The more popular trekking routes are generally easier and offer more safety. Many tourists also migrate to the country to enjoy the trekking experience.

Trekking is done categorically on the basis of difficulty. One may choose to go for an easy trek which will take few days. They may also choose to take an extreme trek that may take up to ten days. Trekking is a good way to explore the local culture of the area.

Exploring the local terrain and learning about the life of local people will make the trekking experience even more memorable.

Trekking in remote areas of the country will also be rewarding. Some trekkers like to go to the far south and seek out the enormous Thar Desert. It is possible to walk through the desert for about one month and learn about the lifestyle of the local people.

Exploring the desert will give the searcher a great feeling of adventure. People who want to spend their holiday doing something that is less familiar may like to visit the mountainous regions of the country and try trekking up the slopes.

There is a lot of cultural value of the mountains in the country. The climbers get a chance to know about the heritage of the country and its interesting history. Staying in lodges in the country will also give the people a chance to know more about the local customs and rituals. It is possible to get more information about the region from the local guide.

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