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Backpackers everywhere know how important it is to have a good backpacking pack whether you’re travelling in America on in Europe. A quality pack will be one of the main aspects of any backpacking adventure and can make the difference between a fun day out or a miserable night in. Luckily for backpackers, there’s no need to spend a fortune on backpacks. In fact, with some careful shopping, it is possible to buy a quality backpack for an unbeatable price.

NOTES: One of the first steps every backpacker must take is to ensure they are purchasing the right sized backpack for their needs. For example, an extra-large backpack will not be the best choice for a person who only hikes short distances on a regular basis. The number one accessory which all backpackers purchase incorrectly is the laptop backpack, mainly because they are too small.

Camp Stove – One of the best pieces of camping equipment which every backpacker needs is a camp stove. To make sure you always have hot water when you need it, invest in a durable camp stove that will last long with you. You can find these stoves at most outdoor stores, but be careful to read up on the manufacturer’s information before you make a purchase. The internet is also a great place to find new camping equipment.

Backpack Strap – When choosing your backpacking bag, be aware that there are two different types of straps available. The most common type is a padded harness which enables you to carry heavier loads without worrying about them falling through the strap. The other type is made from nylon and does not provide as much support as the padded harnesses. These are often chosen for carrying light loads, because they are easier to fit around your waist.

Camping Boots – Backpackers will want to pack a pair of comfortable hiking boots. It is important to check the soles of the boots to make certain that there are no punctures or other damage to the bottom of the foot. Make sure you pack breathable socks which will help to keep your feet cool during the cooler spring and summer months.

Also ensure that your socks are fully zipped up and do not leave any sock hanging out. This will only cause irritation to the skin and may result in an unnecessary accident. Other gear that should be packed with any backpacker is a pair of goggles, extra glasses (to prevent sun damage), sun block, extra batteries for your cell phone, a first aid kit, and a backpack to carry your necessities.

Shade – Even though you may be hiking in the middle of summer, when you pack your bag for a vegan trip you should pack a lightweight pack in order to conserve energy. This means that you need to avoid heavy fabrics like silk and wool as these fabrics will absorb moisture from the air.

A good alternative would be to pack a cotton or polyester jersey which can be more breathable than wool. Sunscreen is also important when you are traveling. When you pack a bag for a vegan travel make sure that you pack some sun block to help prevent the onset of heat stroke while hiking.

Snacks – The type of snack you take with you on a backpacking trip will be determined by the time of day and the location you are hiking. If you are hiking in the morning, snack options include granola bars, a protein bar, a bowl of cereal, or a cup of tea. In the evening, snack options include a dried fruit, a trail mix, or yogurt.

In between meals you might want to snack on a piece of fruit or a piece of nuts. I recommend having some snack options for any situation so that you don’t get too hungry during the day. I hope that this backpackers packing guide will help you be better prepared when you travel.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Backpackers Packing Guide. This is an outline format, not a full-on guide. My goal was to give a quick overview of different items that you may find useful, without going into much detail. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me at anytime. I hope that this Backpackers Packing Guide will help you on your next camping trip!

Mary Crocker

Mother of 2 children and keen food and travel blogger. Love being in the outdoors with my children and exploring new food cultures.

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